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Your career is about you.

Not your anxiety.

It can seem like anxiety is taken you down.

For me, the anxiety started off as an annoyance.

But as I got farther along in my career, it got worse.

Until it felt like I was being taken down from the inside.

I would get so mad and frustrated at myself for it.

Yet I had no real solution to solve for it.

I’d come home from work feeling fraudulent, desperate for help, and embarrassed for needing it.

I’d judge, critique, beat up on myself for not being “better” or for having this anxiety under control.


But anxiety is not in charge - you are.

Even if you’ve been told being anxious is just who you are – that it’s your DNA, your genetic predisposition, your baseline to feel anxious.

It isn’t the truth.

Because there is so much that you can do to help yourself feel less anxious.

You have so much more control over your anxiety than you may think.

Your genetics don’t sentence you to a life of anxiety.

Your personality doesn’t define how anxious you feel.

And even though it may seem like you’ve tried everything, I can promise you what I do is something you haven’t tried.

Because there is a solution.

And if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re wanting that solution but haven’t found it yet.

Here’s what the solution comes down to.


The solution is self trust.

Self trust is the key to solving the anxiety problem.


It’s what I used to learn to trust me. 

To get my dream job.

To show up powerfully, confidently in my role.

To have an opinion and actually express it. 

To have my own back even when I completely fall on my face.

To know that no matter what, I am here for me.

To increase my salary by 15%. 

And then two years later increase it again by another 25%.

To finally love ME for me.

And to get to share that brilliant self with the world.

You can have this too.

Self trust trumps anxiety, every time.

Because self trust allows you to have your own back and support you.

With self trust, things don’t have to be personal anymore.

The drama and concern for what other people think no longer has to lead the charge.

You do what you want, for you.

You decide what you want, for you.

And then you make those goals into a reality, for you.

Anxiety isn’t running the show anymore.

You are.

Because you trust you.

You can build the skill of self trust.

You might be wondering – but HOW do I learn to trust me?

That is what I teach you.

We break trust down into its three core components using The Self Trust Triad.

And we apply each of these components to your life.

You build the skill of self trust by applying it to actual situations you’re experiencing in your career.

And it doesn’t have to take years of inner work, therapy, or uncovering the past.

You can find relief in less than three months.

You can do this.

Take advantage of my experience, M.S. in Psychology, and Life Coach certification, and apply these tools to your life.

A little guidance can go a long way.

You don’t have to take the long road there.

You can help yourself feel less anxious, now.

Learn how by scheduling a consult with me.

This call will give you the chance to understand your mind, your problem, and the steps you need to take to feel less anxious. 

You’ll leave with takeaways you can use. And you’ll learn how to get support from me as your coach so that you can take charge of your career and your anxiety.