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low self esteem is not "who you are"



Just because you haven’t been self confident in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t be now.

You always have the choice. To decide who you want to be. How you want to feel.

Sometimes we just don’t know how to make that change though.

I get it.

My life was a life of anxiety and people pleasing.​

I was always looking outward – to other people, to my job, to my accomplishments – to determine if I was good enough, acceptable enough, worthy enough.

And sure, this got me success, until it didn’t.

Until it started holding me back.

Always looking outside myself for approval was exhausting.

I felt anxious and never enough. So I just kept pushing harder. Working longer. People pleasing more.

It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep. And I was stuck in a career rut with no clear direction forward.

I had enough so I made a change.​

Many changes, actually.

Stopped people pleasing

Started speaking up

Set work-life boundaries

Managed anxiety

Ended insomnia

Became decisive

Lost 30 lbs

Stopped binging sweets

How did I do all this? Well, those were the results of the real changes actually.

The deep change – that was happening internally. Bottom line…

I learned to trust myself. And you can to.​

Because when you trust yourself, you get the ultimate self confidence.

Because you no that no matter what, you are there for you.


And when you do that, you have deep self confidence.

The kind that’s in your bones. Deep, unwavering, and there for you.

Self trust is the secret to success.

Success that feels good. Not the kind you’ve been doing (you know, where your gritting your teeth through it, willpowering your way onward, exhausting yourself as you go).

The success that comes from you trust you is the sweetest success of all. Because you have self confidence as you go. You’re not beating yourself up or blaming yourself on your way to your goals. Your loving yourself on your way there.

Can you think of a sweeter way to get to success? I didn’t think so.

This level of confidence can be yours.

It all begins with a consultation call.