About Me

Low self-esteem is not “your personality”. You can change it.

I can help.

I love working with high achievers who want to get confident and make bold career moves because I’ve been there, and I know I can help.

You have so much potential. Sometimes we just need a little help getting out of our own way.

The strategies that we’ve used to create success for ourselves in the past, sometime are the very same tactics that hold us back from getting the confidence and career we are after.

But not to worry.

It just takes a little reconfiguring how we think about ourselves, what it means to get confident, and how we want to approach our career. This is where I come in.

I was in a similar place. I’m Lisa, and I know the…

A picture of Lisa smiling

second-guessing that comes from wondering if you are doing it right.

anxiety of wondering if everyone else can see how unsure and anxious you feel inside.

self judgment of that harsh inner voice that won’t stop nagging.

urge to constantly people please in an attempt to be accepted.

longing for the confidence that others seem to wear so effortlessly, but that never feels quite right on you.

That was me then. But it is not me anymore.

And it doesn’t have to be you either.

You can feel self confident and make bold moves. 

Let me show you how.

I have developed a confidence coaching program that combines my own experience creating self-confidence with my professional background in coaching and psychology:

Masters in Psychology:
Sometimes the way our brain evolved keeps us stuck. It's time to "unstuck" it. I've combined research, theory, and best practices from the field of psychology and workplace dynamics. The result is a coaching program focused on helping you create confidence in yourself by getting your brain to work for you - not against you.
Certified Life Coach:
You have the answers. You just may not know them yet. Sometimes it takes a coach to help us see past our own limitations so we can truly show up as ourselves and take action in our life. I can help you not just get out of your own way, but also to learn how to coach yourself so you can give yourself the answers you need in any situation.
Coaching and Training:
You want a coach who knows what they're doing. I want a client who is ready to go all in on themselves. With this goal in mind, I created this confidence coaching program. It leverages my experience designing and leading training and coaching sessions in the corporate setting and gives you everything you need to create self confidence.

Interested? Then schedule your free consultation.