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How We Stop Ourselves from our Own Success

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There are times when I’ve stopped myself from my own success.

I’d get preoccupied by how it might come across to others if I were successful.
It would show up as thoughts like,

  • Will they think I’m getting full of myself?
  • Will they disagree with my approach and what I’m offering?
  • Will they think I’m in over my head?
  • Will they think I’m too money focused?
  • Will they see me as cocky and unapproachable?
  • Will they resent me for the success?
  • Will I lose my friends because of it?

And this would hold me back from fully showing up for myself.

I’d stop my own greatness for fear of how it would make others feel. And for what that would mean for me, my friendships, and my support system.

The real kicker is that no one told me those things. They’re all just made up thoughts in my head. And really, they tell more about me than them. All about my own insecurities of what success could bring.

And sure, the thoughts could be right – it is possible someone would respond that way. But you know what? If they did, then that tells more about them than me.

Now, I’ve chosen to let go of the concerns of the nay-sayers (and here, I’m talking about the ones in my head just as much as anything else). And to instead remind myself of how I am here to support me. And how by creating my own success, I’m bringing value to the world.

So let me ask you this –

What concerns might you have about how others could see your success? Are you willing to let go of those concerns so that you can create something magnificent for yourself and for the world?