Making self doubt work for you


Self doubt. That voice in your head that’s always questioning you.

Always wondering if you know what you’re talking about. Whether you are doing the right thing. If this is really going to work for you.

That doubt can derail us. Make us feel frantic. Put us in a state of perpetual hesitance.

It’s like you’re in a go-kart but aren’t sure you can handle it when it really gets going. So you keep alternating between the gas and the brake. Stop GO STOP go stop GO stop go STOP.

You never seem to get any momentum.

Because as soon as you do – that voice chimes in, doubting.

I have a secret that can help you make this doubt work for you.

And, it’s pretty simple. And something you’re already really good at. What’s the secret?

You take your doubt – and turn it on itself. You question the questioner. You become a devil’s advocate to your own doubt.

Here’s how.

When you hear that voice go – but what if I can’t figure it out? You say – but what if I can?

When you hear the doubt say – we’re probably not cut out for this. You say – but what if we are and we just haven’t gotten there yet? What if we just decided that we are cut out for it, and we move forward from that place, knowing we will keep trekking on until we make it happen?

When you feel frantic, you respond with focus, declaring to yourself that you can get through this, will get through this, and can find a way forward.

You see, when we turn the doubt back on itself, we start to not just debunk that self doubt. We also start to build evidence to the contrary. Of how we can do it. Of how we are incredible. Of how we don’t need to let anything stop us if we don’t want it to.

And from that place, we create new possibility. We make new discoveries, and we find our way forward. All because we found a way to take the doubt, and use it in our favor.