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The Gateway Habit

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We can create incredible change for ourselves without needing a complete “you-overhaul”.

How? By Habit Stacking.

In this approach, you choose one habit to make or break each month. Each day, you focus on doing that one thing you choose. Then as each new month starts, you add a new habit to the mix.

By taking this slow, steady process of habit stacking, you’ll end this year as a completely new person.

The best part? It’s not just that you’ll have 12 new habits you love that you do. From what I’ve found, it doesn’t stop there.

Starting a new habit is like a gateway “drug”.

Let me explain. My first habit in my habit stack was doing the dishes each night. But I discovered I often didn’t stop at doing the dishes.

Once I got going, it felt so good to be getting back in order that I ended up picking the shoes up out of the hallway. Folding the blankets that had been crumpled on the couch. Cleaning up my desk before bed.

None of those were commitments I had made to myself – but they all came about because once I started doing the dishes and felt the joy of having them done, I didn’t want to stop.

This wasn’t a fluke. In my second month of habit stacking, I added in the new habit of not watching TV during the work week. Another gateway habit that’s led me to pick up meditating and daily intention-setting.

So when you habit stack, you don’t just end the year with 12 new habits (though even if that were it, that would still be AMAZING!). You end as a completely new person.

Because you inspire yourself through the momentum you gain each day. 

So much so that even the little things you never would have bothered doing before, you start doing. So here’s to a year of habit stacking. Don’t be surprised if you discover a gateway habit of your own as you implement this process.

See this video for more on habit stacking.