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The number one question to ask yourself

Self Love

The number one question to ask yourself when you feel bad is…

How can I support myself?

So often we get sucked into our own mind drama, that we forget that we can be our own support system. We can get so caught up in beating ourselves up for whatever happened, that we never pull out of that space to ask ourselves how we can actually help ourselves move forward,

But beating yourself up does no good. it just keeps you down, stuck, and unable to move forward.

So next time you notice yourself beating yourself up, take a pause, step back, and ask, How can I support me in this moment?

And then honor what your response is. Because you deserve it. You are worth it. You matter.

This will help you go from bringing yourself down, to bringing yourself up. This is what will help you get out of an anxious spin, and into an headspace in which you can make real change and growth.