Frustrated man crosslegged with hands on his head

When anxiety is controlling you


Stop fighting your anxiety. All that does is make it stronger. Because by fighting it, you are putting energy into it. And so it grows, gets bigger, and pretty soon, can start to consume you. Drive you. Be all that you think about. It becomes what controls you because in every moment of every day you are wondering if this or that will set off your anxiety.

You become a slave to your own anxiety. The victim of your own feeling.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of letting your anxiety control you, realize that it’s the other way around, and it always has been. You are in charge. You just haven’t known it. And remember, anxiety only becomes a problem when we make it mean something has gone terribly wrong.

But instead of making it mean somethings gone wrong, we can just accept that we feel anxious.

We can think, there it is again, that old familiar feeling. And leave it at that. Instead of letting it consume us, we can let it mean nothing about us. Then, it eventually fades into the background, as all feelings do.

With this approach, we can live our life as we have always wanted to – regardless of if we are feeling anxious or not.