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Anxiety is no longer in charge.


My coaching program teaches you to trust yourself.

Because your ability to trust yourself is the key to feeling less anxious.

And when you can trust yourself, you… 

  • Make quicker decisions – and stick to them
  • Get clear on what you want – and don’t want
  • Say yes when you want to – and no when you want to
  • Go to networking events – and still feel comfortable being you
  • Take bold action – and turn your career dreams into reality
  • Apply for the positions you want – and get them
  • Set a goal for an increased salary – and achieve it

Self trust is the solution to less anxiety.

That is why my program focuses on teaching you the self trust triad.

You learn how to trust yourself across the 3 core components of self trust.

Each of these components is required to feel deep, steady self trust.

Like a stool with 3 legs, a lack of self trust in any one area creates an unsteady, wobbly foundation overall.

Through my program, you learn the skill of trusting you across all three components.

That trust stops anxiety from stopping you,

Because with trust, you have the confidence to take action without relentless self-doubt holding you back.

Here's how it works.

You. Me. And 3 months of individualized coaching support tailored to you.

  • Get clear on what’s been stopping you from feeling less anxious
  • Become skilled at build self trust so that you can solve your secret anxiety problem.
  • Create the momentum to show up powerfully, confidently, and authentically in your career moving forward

Here's what you get.

Working together…

  • You get 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with me where we apply the strategies to real-world experiences you’re having in your career and life
  • You get customized action steps and tools specific to your goals that you can immediately use in between sessions
  • You get access to an ever-growing video library of courses all about anxiety, confidence, trust, career, purpose, people pleasing, and more.

Bottom line...With self trust, anxiety is no longer a problem.

This program gives you everything you need to solve your secret anxiety problem.

This doesn’t mean you never feel anxious again because emotions are part of the human experience.

And if you try to avoid feeling an emotion you’re having (like anxiety)…

It will ultimately lead to feeling numb and detached from fully experiencing your life.

But there is an in between where you can fully show up for yourself and feel less anxious in the process.

Because while you can’t just erase an entire emotion from existence…

You can stop it from being a problem.

You do so be learning to trust yourself.

As a result you feel less anxious in less than 3 months.

It starts with a consultation. Schedule yours now by clicking the button.