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It’s time to stop doubting and start doing.  

I can help you.

It’s so easy to let overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, and self doubt overpower us to the point where we feel like we can’t do anything.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to let insecurity define us. We don’t have to fret over feeling like our lack of confidence is going to stop us from being successful. And we don’t have to feel like our anxiety is going to derail us from ever being able to be bold.

It takes a bit of a mind makeover.

That’s what we do in my coaching program. I created this program to help high achievers like you learn how to get out of your own way so you can take action and make bold moves in your profession.

In the coaching program, you will:


Get to know the real situation you're in

We don't have to feel trapped or stuck. We don't have to be a victim to our work environment. To our boss. To our company. There is so much we can do to own our careers, and it all starts with knowing the true situation we're in. So often it's NOT what we think it is. So often the way we perceive our situation holds us back so much more than the situation itself. But by learning to see what it really IS, and IS NOT, we can start to change it. Because we can finally see what we can own, and what we can do about it.


Discover where feelings come from and how to feel confidence

We think confidence requires we DO something. That if we fake it til we make it, eventually we'll get confidence. But we often have it backwards. We often have this list of rules, this manual for what we think it takes to be confident, when the reality of it is, it's so much simpler than that. Because confidence is a feeling. Feelings can seem like they happen to us. But it doesn't work that way. We can create our feelings, and we can use them to our advantage - our disadvantage. Learn the tools to make feelings work for you so that you can create confidence, now.


Apply the process for knowing what you want and creating purpose to fuel you

So many of us are looking for our purpose. We want to move forward, create the career of our dreams, but we have no idea what that is. So we stay stuck, stagnant. But purpose doesn't happen to you. It's a process. And by understanding what that process is, we can apply it to our lives. So we can begin to create a life of purpose as we go. We can choose what we want, what we don't want, and how to mold our career accordingly. It all starts with knowing the true way to purpose, then applying it to your life.


Learn to stop procrastinating so you can take action

So many of us feel like if only we had more time, then we'd be able to be succesful. To pursue our dreams. To get it all done. To be happy. But focusing on wishing for more time only keeps us longing, not doing. Let me teach you how you can manage yoru time, stop procrastinating, and get results. The key is not what you think. It's not about focusing on everything you have to DO and strategizing HOW. It's less complicated than that. I show you how to turn obstacles into solutions so you can push through any roadblock.


Get the tools to coach yourself through any situation

You can be your own coach. All it requires are the right tools and approach. But so many of us get stuck in our minds. We let our feelings consume us. We don't understand why we're not taking action. We don't see how we can move forward or how we can feel better. You don't have to keep stopping yourself. You can get through anything. All it takes is knowing how to coach yourself through anything that comes your way. This is how you become unstoppable. I'll show you how.


Distinguish confidence from self-confidence so you can leverage each for success

When we confuse confidence with self-confidence, all we do is hold ourselves back. IT colludes our judgment of ourselves, and of what we can do. We think we can't move forward because we don't have confidence. Or we make feeling unconfident mean we can't trust ourselves to do anything. We get so caught up we confuse what we do with who we are, and we trap ourselves from feeling good when we feel uncomfortable. But by distinguishing confidence from self confidence, we can learn to feel uncomfortable and supported at the same time. We can trust ourselves to get through anything. And we can learn how to build confidence in our abilities even when we have no evidence that we'll be successful.

What’s included?

The following components are included so that you have comprehensive resources and support to create your confidence in yourself so that you can take action in your career:

Audio Modules:
Each topic includes a corresponding audio module to bring it to life so that you can walk away with a clearer understanding for how to apply it to your career immediately.
Live 1:1 Coaching:
You will receive one-on-one video coaching sessions with me for individualized support to overcome your specific challenges and apply the strategies so it's real world to you.
Actionable Steps:
You'll get customized action steps and formalized worksheets so that you can immediately implement the lessons learned to your own life and career, and see results.
Ongoing Support:
I offer 3 months of follow-on support immediately following completion of the program. This way the strategies work well beyond the length of the program so you can see lasting change in your life.

If you are a high achiever 

If you are ready to get confident

If you are wanting to take charge of your career

This program is for you.

To start the process, schedule your initial free consultation with me now.

This consultation will ensure the program is the right fit for your needs and objectives. You will receive speed coaching, get your questions answered, and learn more about the specifics of the program.